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First Time Trekking in Nepal: the ultimate guide

If you’re thinking of going to Nepal (and if not, what in the world is wrong with you) odds are you’re considering trekking through the Himalayas. If it’s your first time trekking in Nepal, it can be intimidating. Being able to boast about trekking world famous mountains was definitely motivating to me but as a… 

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How to travel and look good – yes, it’s allowed!

  Hey, you. I’m about to reveal a secret. A secret so sacred, it may very well blow your mind. Ready?   You are allowed to travel and look good doing it.   Now, I’m not talking about lugging 7 inch stilettos on a hiking trip – although that would an amazing feat – but… 

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Stop being a shitty traveler: responsible travel

Matt and I have a pet peeve. They’re called shitty travelers. They can be found wearing booty shorts at a Buddhist temple or eating McDonald’s everyday. Not exactly the most responsible travel. They’re uninformed, rude and give a bad rep to other travelers. The nonsense stops here! I’ve come up with a plan to avoid being a shitty… 

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What in the world is a French-Canadian?

Disclaimer : As I write this post, I am in no way trying to define the French-Canadian identity. It is far too complex to do in one post and am not too sure where I stand on that topic. This is more of a musing for non-Canadians to get a better understanding as to what… 

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Free accommodation in France : Do a workstay!

  (This is not a sponsored post and we are in no way affiliated with Workaway. We’re simply sharing information on a cool travel workstay program!)   We’re pretty excited for summer 2012. We’ll be staying two weeks in the French region of la Dordogne … for free!   We have managed to secure a… 

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travel illinois

Illinois – Highlights of our great American roadtrip

I may be generalizing here, but when you picture the perfect way to see the U.S, what would it be? And you can’t choose flying on the back of a bald eagle, wearing an Uncle Sam hat, with an apple pie in one hand and a hamburger in the other. Sorry. Stumped? The Great American… 

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enjoy illinois

VIDEO – Enjoy Illinois

I’ve always had a fascination with America. The dramatic landscape, the outspoken locals, the vibrant cities, even their kitschy side always appealed to me. That being said, we don’t often venture out to our southern neighbour’s playground. We were invited by Enjoy Illinois to roadtrip the state and see what adventures await, beyond Chicago. We met… 

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