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Iceland : Exploring the Golden Circle with GT Travel

We’ll start by saying, getting to Iceland was less than relaxing. Really it wasn’t anywhere close to relaxing! It was stressful, frustrating and on more than one occasion we were contemplating cancelling the trip altogether! It all began with a simple flight delay in Ottawa for our flight to Boston, where we were scheduled to […]

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Stop being a shitty traveler: responsible travel

Matt and I have a pet peeve. They’re called shitty travelers. They can be found wearing booty shorts at a Buddhist temple or eating McDonald’s everyday. Not exactly the most responsible travel. They’re uninformed, rude and give a bad rep to other travelers. The nonsense stops here! I’ve come up with a plan to avoid being a shitty […]


Going home after 9 months of travel and why it’s okay

Passports were stamped. Busses were ridden. Backpacks were packed, and unpacked, then packed again. 9 months of travel have gone by: We’re going home.  If we follow the online trend, this should be the post where we depressingly write about our panic attacks and how we’d rather spend our life bumming on a beach while […]


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Iceland – Blue Ice with Arctic Adventures

What’s blue, moves at 0.5km/year , and is tens of thousands of years old? If you said, “Sólheimajökull glacier, of course!”, You’re right! (But also you missed a perfect opportunity to say “Your mom.”) Sólheimajökull, or “The glacier with the catchy name”, as its probably known to Icelandic people is the smallest glacier in Iceland, […]


VIDEO – Falling in love with Iceland

Have you ever laid eyes on someone and, for some inexplicable reason, became smitten? Have you ever felt that quick and important a connection? That’s how I felt with Iceland.  I dreamed of going to Iceland for a very long time and yet, always thought stepping foot on the land of ice and fire would […]



Sofia Bulgaria : Our favourite city in Eastern Europe

  There’s a city in Eastern Europe that everyone needs to get to ASAP. Or maybe not, don’t want to ruin it.   We had arrived in Bulgaria, sour from our terrible bedbug experience in Montenegro and constant disappointments in Albania. Bulgaria had A LOT of pressure to impress us. Expectations were high and first […]


Our 5 commandments of Albania bus travel

Tirane, Albania. We had just arrived to the city with no idea how to find a bus to our final destination of Sarande, in the south of Albania. There is no official bus station in Tirane so I immediately started miming a roundabout and bus to our taxi driver. He shook his head and assured […]

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Free accommodation in France : Do a workstay!

  (This is not a sponsored post and we are in no way affiliated with Workaway. We’re simply sharing information on a cool travel workstay program!)   We’re pretty excited for summer 2012. We’ll be staying two weeks in the French region of la Dordogne … for free!   We have managed to secure a […]


Life at our workstay

    We had no idea what we were getting into. We knew workstays were a great way to live with locals while getting free room and board in exchange for our services. So when we were contacted by the lovely folk at an eco hostel in the Algarve region of Portugal, we were excited […]