VIDEO – Falling in love with Iceland

Have you ever laid eyes on someone and, for some inexplicable reason, became smitten? Have you ever felt that quick and important a connection?

That’s how I felt with Iceland. 

I dreamed of going to Iceland for a very long time and yet, always thought stepping foot on the land of ice and fire would be reduced to a faraway dream. It can be scary to have such high hopes for a place. And so I’m happy Iceland didn’t disappoint.

The landscape. The light. The people. Everything made me feel so happy, so welcome.  I walked the streets of Reykjavik. I hiked the Sólheimajökul glacier. And then it hit me. I was falling in love with Iceland. I can’t wait to return.

We have lots to write and show but for now, here is a quick teaser of our time in Iceland. The song is Sumarmál by the Icelandic duo Pascal Pinon. According to this blog ;

Sumarmál is a time for the summer blótthe first of the summer half of the year and dedicated to victory in war and good luck on journeys. According to Gro Steinsland the blót was in the name of Odin. This of course makes sense when we know that Odin is among others a god of war, as well as a traveler.

Though we traveled in the middle of winter, I found the title quite fitting. I know this is just the 1st trek to Iceland of many to come. A great journey awaits.

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  • Colleen Brynn

    I love this video. You’re so cute in it! I was there last year and made a similar-ish montage video of my favourite parts of the trip. I too can’t wait to go back!

    • Caro_PassportandaToothbrush

      Thanks so much Colleen! We just HAD to get some footage out before publishing our more detailed, adventure ones! I’ll go check out your own video :)

  • Anglo Italian

    Lovely video! We wouldn’t mind to go to Iceland too, it looks such a different and interesting land to explore. Looking forward to read more about your adventures :)

    • Caro_PassportandaToothbrush

      Thanks SO much! It really is amazing, like a faraway mythical volcanic island! But real.