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It doesn’t matter if you are a hardcore traveller or someone who is just taking their first steps. There are some unsaid rules to travelling and some that are so simple, that they are overlooked in the excitement of the grander things. Here in this article, we have compiled some of the most common mistakes that even the most seasoned of travellers make.

  1. Luggage

The whole point of going on a trip is to get some much needed R&R but if you pack too much expecting every permutation and combination of the things you might do. You will end up tugging a large suitcase across a country where you wanted to have fun, but instead, you’re spoilt for choices. The whole beauty of travelling occurs when you travel light. It teaches you to be frugal and find solace in the small things about your trip. Would you rather be spoilt for the right cocktail dress or sip cocktails on a sea-side pub with no care in the world?


  1. Money Money Money

The most common mistake that people make is that they assume that there will be an ATM when they land or foreign currency exchange at the airport. You have got to plan these things because they can be vital to not only your whole experience but also your survival in an entirely new country. And it is critical to carry some local cash before you reach your place of stay. So make sure you know in advance that you will have some local money on you when you leave the airport and for crying out loud, inform your bank that you are going on a trip. Most banks block accounts when they see a transaction outside the country of residence thinking it is fraud. So being prepared beats assumptions any day.

  1. Mobile Plans

You have to realise that not every place you visit is going to have a WiFi connection. Once you understand that, it is necessary to have a cellular plan that allows you to make calls and use the internet in a different country. Some mobile communications firms even provide people with temporary numbers to use in a different country through tie-ups. Recently when we had gone a trip, we found a couple from the US finding a hard time getting a cab in India because the cabs were ripping them off and their mobile plan didn’t have data for them to use Uber. It is those simple things that set the tone for the whole trip.

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