Chips of the World – Clipsy Chicken from Bosnia – REVIEW


“Chips of the WORLD!” is back and better than ever (nearly identical) for it’s second installment!!


We first delved into thin-potato’y-madness we tackled the bold flavors of jamon with Spain’s ham chips! (Our taste buds are still recuperating).

Today we educate you to the art of the chip, a la Bosnia. Wiiiiith…*drum roll on your belly*…


Bosnia – Chicken chip-crispy things!!



Matt’s thoughts


*samples a chip* Hmm, I like how they feel. It’s kinda like a Crispix! …A chickeny Crispix. I feel like a really taste the chicken flavour at first and then it fades away as you chew. I like it though! Maybe it’s a marketing gimmick, like you have to keep on eating more to chase down that chicken flavour again and again. These chip-executives are crafty fellers!

Oh! And they look like little drumsticks!!



Caro’s thoughts


Yes. That’s the point.  *samples chip* Huh, I find it’s the opposite with the flavour! I find that the chicken taste builds as you chew. But I do love the consistency of the chip. It’s crunchy and flaky, it makes you want to eat more! But I find it really tastes like something. A cooking spice…


(Matt) Salt?! Pepper?! …uhhh Paprika! Oregano! Celery salt! Rosemary!


(Caro) Stop! ….Onion powder? Yeeees, that’s it! Hmm. Good chip though!



Score: 7.5

WOWEE-WOW-WOW!! DID YOU SEE THE SHAPE OF THAT CHIP!? What’ll they think of next!?

Maybe some sort of..chip…phone!? I don’t know, I’ll leave that to the professionals!


That was some “Part 2″ to our award winning (maybe some day) series, “Chips of the WORLD!”


See you next time travelling-chip lovers!!

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  • Edna

    Haha chips of the world…love this series! I’ve tried quite a few in my time (cucumber and mango were especially different) but the best would have to be the rotisserie chicken-flavored ones I find here in Paris. They’re incredibly addictive.

    • Matt_PassportandaToothbrush

      Rotisserie chicken?! Awww how did we miss that?! Looks like we’ll be making a round trip back to Paris…lol

  • SheyDraw

    haha funny post! I remember when I first went to Canada maybe 10-12 years ago, I tried the ketchup chips and the dill pickle chips! I was hooked!

    • Caro_PassportandaToothbrush

      Those are CLASSIC chips in Canada. I am in absolute love with Ketchup chips. I’ve seen some out here but doubt they’ll be as red and delicious haha!